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The Order to Die universe is so fascinating. Already, on it written stories and a novel in Russian and Ukrainian. We decided not to stop there and to acquaint the English-speaking audience with "Field Marshal" - part of the Order to Die universe. The distinctive feature of the world is a detailed centuries-old history and a rich lor.
For all the complexity of the world, books are easy to read. I wanted to emphasize that the universe is not limited only to literature. Now we are working on creating a knowledge base and an interactive map of the Order to Die universe. And in the near future the creation of a series of comic books. The new universe has already captured the hearts and minds of hundreds of fans of fantasy, action and massive battles. And lovers of learning the universe “lor” have already begun to explore the culture, laws and mechanics of Order to Die. And that is not all! I wish that any fan of the universe could affect the life of the world. You ask how?
Just imagine, in a few years playing a computer or board game you will put an end to the battle for the planet and it will receive the faction that you play.

Remember, I always welcome new ideas and suggestions. Below, in the "contacts" you will find an email for communication with me. I'm waiting for your letters!
We know little about the beginning of time. But some information is still preserved. After the discovery of the Ralston tunnels, the humanity of the Milky Way accomplished the first interstellar displacement. This allowed to partially solve the problem of overpopulation. The era of colonization began. Later, the cosmic discoverer G. Pirso found a tunnel that led beyond the galaxy. Sending reconnaissance ships, the scientists found out that the tunnel leads to the galaxy M51a. Also known as "Cain." The combined fleet of colonists went to conquer a new galaxy. Another four hundred years, humanity sent to M51a new colonists. The first cosmic colony-states were formed there: the Earth Federation, the Republic of Bioltar, the Republic of Genfold and the Northern Union.
Each of them numbered billions of inhabitants. At the end of this period, due to unknown causes, the Pirso tunnel was disappeared. The connection between the M51a and the Milky Way was broken.
Getting rid of dependence, the colonies began to dictate their policies. Colonization and study of M51a continued with the new states. A war began called "Great strife." At the end of which, four great states split into one hundred and forty-two small ones, and the counting of the years began anew.
Further development of the history of the universe can be read on the pages of books and the knowledge base.

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